Severe Weather Alert for Brisbane

By admin Published: February 22, 2019

A severe weather alert has been issued for waters from the Sunshine Coast to the Gold Coast as a result of Cyclone OMA. Brisbane port is warning that if winds and conditions become dangerous then the port will close immediately and will remain closed until it is safe to resume operations. All pilotage services hav

Increased Port Infrastructure, Airport and Trucking Charges

By admin Published: February 22, 2019

Port Infrastructure Charges Port terminal operators in all states have announced a significant increase to Port Infrastructure Levies for all containers moved to/from ports. It was expected that these costs, when first implemented in January 2018 and increased again in January 2019 would be used by the terminals t

Container De Hire is the New Battleground

By admin Published: February 20, 2019

Once upon a time, it was the wharves that caused delays for Importers and Exporters. Truck waiting times would grow by the hour. The new challenge for trucking companies and their clients is now de-hiring the empty containers. A reduction in empty container park capacity, larger numbers of containers being handled

Labelling/Marks and Numbers for Export Cargo

By admin Published: February 1, 2019

Attention all shippers: Please ensure all of your export cargo is clearly labelled, including actual shipper & consignee name + address PRIOR to us collecting from you. Please ensure cargo is marked with the following details to ensure easy identification: Actual shipper & consignee details (including Addr

Shipping Rates Updates

By admin Published: January 31, 2019

Increased Ocean Freight Rates from the USA: All shipping lines have announced a General Rate Increase on all cargo from the USA to Australia and New Zealand ports effective from 15th February 2019. For FCL shipments, the rates are still being negotiated by GPSM with the lines involved and while the official announ

Chinese New Year – Document Reminder

By admin Published: January 30, 2019

Dear Clients, We would like to remind all clients that the official Chinese New Year Holidays will be celebrated in China this year between 4th February and 10th February 2019. To avoid any additional storage charges we would suggest you request all documents as soon as possible & forward to us. Given experien

Delays to Container Unpacks

By admin Published: January 18, 2019

Several Sydney Container Unpack Depots are experiencing long delays in unpacking containers, be it for LCL cargo or unpacks for Quarantine inspections. Given the Peak Season period, together with the increase in “Seals Intact inspections” and the continuing BMSB issue, most depots in Sydney are at maximum stor

Importer Issued with the First Illegal Logging Infringement Notice

By admin Published: December 21, 2018

In November 2018, a Queensland-based importer was served with the first infringement notice issued under Australia’s illegal logging laws. The notice was issued for ongoing non-compliance with the laws’ due diligence requirements and resulted in the business being penalised $12,600. The issuance of the

BMSB List of Offshore Treatment Providers – 18th December 2018

By admin Published: December 19, 2018

Treatment providers registered under the scheme have demonstrated their capacity to conduct BMSB treatments for applicable consignments. These treatment providers are included on the approved list of offshore BMSB treatment providers. This list is referenced in section 48A of the Biosecurity (Prohibited and Condit

Rate Updates

By admin Published: November 30, 2018

Airline Fuel Surcharge from Hong Kong: All airlines operating from Hong Kong to all destinations, including Australia,  have announced another fuel surcharge increase effective from 1st December 2018. The Fuel Surcharge will be increased from the current level of HKD 2.90/kg to HKD 3.40/kg on all shipments. Rate

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