Covid impacts on Airfreight

By GPSM Published: September 24, 2021

Many Shippers are regularly asking why Air and Sea Freight Rates seem to be on a never-ending climb to the heavens.  A lot of this has to do with the lack of airfreight space. Commercial aero planes are responsible for bringing in vast tonnages of cargo in their underbellies . The lack of flights has …

Australian Ports Update

By GPSM Published: September 24, 2021

Australia’s Patrick Terminals are again set to endure another round of Protected Industrial Action by Maritime Unions at a time when importers and exporters are struggling under current lockdowns and difficult economic environment. A ban on overtime and a ban on performance of upgrades and/or work in higher leve

Los Angeles Port Congestion Update

By GPSM Published: September 23, 2021

The Port of Los Angeles has been experiencing unprecedented congestion as the Transpacific trade-lane has exploded to record high volumes. In order to ease some of the congestion, the Port of Los Angeles is expanding their hours of operations during which trucks can pick up and return containers. Additionally, the

Sydney Port Disruption

By GPSM Published: September 20, 2021

Hutchinson Ports Terminal in Port Botany has reported that four (4) positive COVID cases have been detected over the weekend that has, and will, affect all landside operations. 85% of their staff have been affected as close contacts of the positive cases. The terminal has been closed since 0600 hours on Saturday m

Updated Information BMSB Season 2021 – 22

By GPSM Published: August 27, 2021

Seasonal measures for Brown marmorated stink bug (BMSB) What’s New 23 July 2021 – addition of Poland as a target risk country 23 July 2021 – Emerging risk countries identified as Belarus, Malta, Sweden, United Kingdom and Chile 26 August 2021 – Removal of tariff chapters 36 and 93 from target high

Current Status

By GPSM Published: August 27, 2021

American Airlines withdraws from Australia: In a further blow to airfreight capacity into and out of Australia, American Airlines (AA) has announced it will withdraw all services to/from Australia effective from 1st September, 2021 for a period of at least 2 months. It is understood the airline is reacting to Aust


By GPSM Published: August 12, 2021

“ Do you import Airfreight Cargo from Italy & USA in the tariff chapters below “   Chapter 84 – Machinery any appliances Chapter 85 – Electrical equipment and appliances Chapter 86 – Railway locomotives and fittings Chapter 87 – Vehicles and accessories   Then read below Air Cargo &nb

Are your goods impacted by asbestos

By GPSM Published: July 29, 2021

A reminder The Australian Border force is actively selecting goods for testing , please read the attached information If your goods are impacted.   Asbestos An Australia-wide ban on the use of all types of asbestos took effect on 31 December 2003. Work Health and Safety (WHS) and environment laws in all State

Peak Season Surcharges/Rate increases

By GPSM Published: July 27, 2021

A number of shipping lines have announced that Peak Season Surcharge and/or rate increases will be applied from Asia as from 1st August 2021, below are the details of the announcements received to date:   From China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan Hong Kong: MSC will increase rates on all containers by USD 500.00/20ft


By GPSM Published: July 23, 2021

Seasonal measures for Brown marmorated stink bug (BMSB) For the 2021-22 BMSB risk season, BMSB seasonal measures will apply to targeted goods manufactured and shipped from target risk countries, that have been shipped between 1 September 2021 and 30 April 2022 (inclusive), and to vessels that berth, load, or trans

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