GPSM Covid Safe Update


GPSM is very conscious of our customers concerns with doing everything they can to keep their sites Covid safe in these very challenging times. Rest assured GPSM share your concerns and have the appropriate measures & controls in place. We also note from what we have seen the Stevedores, Container Yards, Quarantine Stations and the like have increased safety measures as well.

As with the seriousness of the Delta strain of COVID 19 we are finding all loading/ unloading sites we service have controls in place and share our common goals to eliminate/ minimize risk to all workers/ visitors to those sites.

GPSM has a COVID safe plan in line with both the Health orders and suggested best practice as documented by NSW government and NSW Health authority. Our priority is for the safety & welfare of all our partners in our industry.


Applying to all GPSM staff

  • Wear a mask at all times while in either of our worksites
  • Use Service NSW QR code check in and out at both GPSM office locations
  • Use Service NSW QR Code check in and out of all other sites visited including customer sites, displaying check in QR Code. This includes during business hours and when they are on own time and accessing the likes the supermarkets etc.
  • Be vigilant with hygiene, especially washing hands for 20 seconds regularly and not touch your face
  • Use hand sanitizer when you enter GPSM sites, wash your hands regularly during the day and keep your work surrounds sanitized
  • Practice social distancing at all times
  • Avoid being in close contact with anyone that is showing signs of cold or flu until they have been tested and cleared
  • Self-isolating for 14 days if you, or anyone in your household has come into contact with anyone who has tested positive, notify GPSM team leader immediately
  • Stay home from work if you develop any symptoms that are cold or flu like and seek advice from your GP or NSW health
  • Report any symptoms of illness or concerns of contact with positive case or likely positive case to your team leader immediately
  • Bulk of all GPSM staff from both sites working from home. A very small team is on site at Rockdale and Enfield attending to duties that cannot be completed from home
  • No unnecessary visitors allowed at either GPSM site


Precautionary Actions in addition to the above


  • Drivers educated to comply with any site requirements & to manage current COVID expectations as Authorized Workers
  • Drivers have been requested to stay in their trucks and self-isolate as much as practicable whilst undertaking their work duties
  • Drivers have been trained in contactless pickups and deliveries, i.e. Driver signing receivers name on their PDA as a POD
  • Drivers are constantly updated and reminded of Social Distancing protocols at GPSM & all other worksites
  • Drivers are updated of new Health Alerts via e-mail, text messages, memo and verbally
  • Drivers have been supplied with face masks & sanitizer for use throughout the day
  • Drivers equipped with disinfectant to cleanse truck cabins at the start & end of shifts in addition to professional detailing completed for inside truck cabins
  • Drivers being COVID tested weekly regardless of their LGA, copy of results held by GPSM
  • Drivers from affected LGA’s being tested every 72hrs as required, copy of results held by GPSM


If you have any questions, comments or concerns please contact us at any time. Rest assured GPSM takes all matters relating to COVID very seriously and will always be complying in full to all measures required as they evolve and meeting best practice recommendations.