Rate Adjustments


Trucking Rates:

There have been several cost increases for trucking over the last few months including Inflation, Equipment costs, Registration costs and Drivers Wages apart from the massive increases in diesel and tollway charges.

Regrettably, GPSM are unable to continue to absorb these constant increases and effective from 1st July we are forced to increase our trucking rates. Rather than add a percentage increase, we will be increasing our FCL trucking rates by a flat fee of $ 25.00/20ft and $ 50.00/40ft container across the board, this reflects an increase of approximately 4%, lower than the inflation rate. Small adjustments will also be made to LCL and airfreight trucking. This is our first increase in trucking charges in some 3 years.

We trust you understand that in order to maintain a premium service level we need to ensure all costs are covered.


Australian Port Charges:

Shipping Lines have announced that they will increase Australian Port Charges (all ports) from 1st July, 2022. The increase varies from line to line, but generally around $ 20.00/20ft container and $ 40.00/40ft container.

The revised charges will be adjusted on all GPSM charges invoices from 1st July, 2022.


Port Infrastructure Levies:

Terminal Operators across Australia will also increase their charges from 1st July, 2022, again the increases vary from port to port, the new rates will be approximately $ 20.00-$ 25.00 per container and will be uploaded to GPSM rate portal.