BMSB consignment suitability


This news serves as a reminder to ensure your cargo is packed and presented in a manner that will allow for inspection and treatment under BMSB regulations. Bio Securities will determine this based on the combined effect of multiple factors, such as goods packed on pallets, are they wrapped in plastic, has this been slashed, free space to allow fumigant to get to all areas of container.

In summary, key factors that must be considered when determining the suitability of a consignment for treatment include:

  • free airspace for the effective distribution of the fumigant/ heat to all surfaces of the goods, and for the appropriate placement of concentration sampling tubes and/or temperature monitoring sensors and fans.
  • type of plastic packaging around the goods (commercial or shipping)
  • whether shipping packaging present restricts fumigant/heat access to goods
  • ability to adjust the spacing of goods and packaging prior to treatment if required and if permitted
  • interaction of free airspace and packaging in restricting fumigant/heat access to the goods
  • ability to assess the entire consignment/container of goods

GPSM Loading Dec has been amended to allow suppliers to complete a Plastic Wrapping Declaration when loading container please note this MUST be completed

Please refer to the attached information for further advice.

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