Cost Increases from July 2019

Side-loader Trailer Port Access Fee:

Sydney Terminal operators have advised that the Side-loader Trailer Port Access Fee will be increased from 1st July,2019.

The rate will increase from $ 65.00 per container to $ 70.00 container on all movements to/from the terminals by Side-loader trailer.

Trucking Costs

As you will be aware, diesel fuel costs have continued to increase since the last fuel levy increase in August 2018 and GPSM have been absorbing the added costs to date.

The oil price has increased by around 20% in that time and it is necessary for us to review the fuel levy again in order to provide a premium service.

From 1st July, 2019, GPSM will be increasing the fuel levy by 1% to 13.50%, new rates will be reflected on our website.

Adelaide FCL Weighing Charge:

Adelaide FCL Terminal has added a new charge for all import FCL containers handled via their facility.

All import containers are now weighed on receipt in accordance with Chain of Responsibility requirements. All imports will now attract a fee of $ 15.00 per container.

Applicable rates have been added to all Adelaide trucking charges on our website effective from 1st July, 2019.

Biosecurity Imports Levy:

In May it was announced by Government that a new Biosecurity Imports Levy had been allocated in the most recent budget, scheduled to take effect 1st July 2019.

“The Levy would contribute to onshore surveillance, diagnostic, data analytics, research and adoption of new technology to help us to detect, identify and respond to exotic pests and diseases earlier and ensure we can move people and goods into Australia safely and more efficiently.”

The levy will be introduced on all sea and air containers as well as non-containerised sea imports (break-bulk cargo) and will be imposed on port/airport terminal operators for goods that are unloaded and cleared under Biosecurity Act 2015.

Cost was advertised as approximately $ 15.00 per 20ft FCL, $ 30.00 per 40ft FCL and $ 1.50 per cbm or 1000kgs for non-containerised cargo.

We are still trying to establish exact costs and if these costs will be collected via Customs fees per entry or via terminal operators, we will advise further information as soon as same is confirmed by the Department of Water Resources.