Current Australian Port Status

Hanjin Line Receivership

Below is the current status of average vessel delays and berthing times around Australia this week:

  • The delays indicated below are for this week’s vessels only and can change frequently depending on labor absenteeism / Covid related delays, final productivity at the terminal and weather.
  • DPW Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane continue to face congestion and delays due to all services arriving late and clashing caused by weather impacts overseas and recent local weather.
  • Due to increased COVID testing and isolation requirements terminals are facing labor shortages which is impacting vessel operations.
  • DPW Fremantle facing extensive delays of up to 2 days due to vessel bunching.
  • Patrick Fremantle facing ~ 2 days of delays due to vessel bunching.
  • Patrick Melbourne is facing severe congestion and delays of 10 – 12 days due to vessel bunching & COVID related labor shortages.
  • Hutchison Sydney experiencing congestion (Approx. 3 days) due to all services arriving late and bunching and weather.
  • Average delays at VICT now approximately 3 – 4 days .
  • Due to upsurge in Covid testing & Positive cases DPW Sydney now experiencing 10 days delays to vessels berthing.
  • DPW are currently facing ~c10% reduction in the workforce daily.
  • Patrick Terminals operation at 50% capacity .
  • NSW ( ~ 30,000) and Victoria (~ 23,000) are recording large amounts of COVID positive cases daily.
  • Brisbane (~ 18,000) is also beginning to feel the effect of a surge in Positive COVID cases.
  • This is putting immense pressure on labor procurement and additional delays are now being experienced.
  • Terminals are continually remapping schedules to take into account these latest figures.