Export Shipping Update

Export Shipping Update

Numerous shipping lines are reporting a continuation of record export bookings from Australia at levels never previously seen on all trade lanes.

We understand CMA-ANL Group are fully booked to Papua New Guinea until September 2021, while their New Zealand, USA and South East Asian export services are also heavily booked.

CMA are advising us to book “months in advance to ensure the booking will be uplifted as planned, volumes we are encountering at present have never been seen before”.

OOCL Lines have reported they are also experiencing unprecedented booking levels with little immediate (if any) space available on most services. They have also advised the average berthing delay times in Australia at present as follows:

  • Patrick Sydney and Melbourne terminals will face delays of approximately 4 – 6 days this week for off window vessels.
  • Indicated delays are for this week’s vessels only and could change depending on labor absenteeism and final productivity.
  • Brisbane could face delays of up to 4 days .
  • DPW Sydney ( 3 days ) and Brisbane ( 4 days) is facing severe congestion due to late arriving A3 service vessels now clashing with other services and window vessels in Brisbane.
  • Patrick Sydney have removed pro-forma move counts on the main China AAA service but could re-introduce move counts due to PIA.
  • COR and sublet options will be explored with a view to minimizing delays if necessary.
  • Upcoming Patrick MUA action will affect vessel schedules.
  • Upcoming PIA action at VICT may cause some delays to ASAL and A3C services
  • We are now also dealing with MUA protracted labor stoppages for the next 14 days.

Please advise our Export Team us as soon as possible of any export FCL booking requirements so we can investigate all options for all destinations.