Federal Budget 2021/22 Highlights

budget 2021-2022

Highlights from the Federal Budget 2021-22 see funding boost for Bio Securities as well as other areas.

Government has committed over $400 million in funding of various Bio Security programs. This is designed to assist importers who have faced delays with the clearance of their goods and facilitate faster clearance.

An additional initiative of over $100 million over 4 years to manage the Bio Security risks associate with Hitch – Hiker Pests such as Brown Marmorated Stink bug ( BMSB ) & Khapra Beetle , the program is designed for greater port surveillance .

Government has committed $2 Billion to deliver a new intermodal Terminal in Melbourne , either west or north.

The terminal is designed to help realize the benefits of dedicated east-coast inland freight line with Trains between the site and Brisbane expected by 2027.

Australian Anti – Dumping Duty System $5 million in funds designed to provide importers and local manufacturers Advice on whether goods are subject to “ anti- dumping duties “ .

Simplified Trade – Government has expanded funding of further $37 million over 3 years to support initiatives to modernize and improve Australia’s Tarde , including a review of the regulatory process and ICT systems that impact cross – border – trade.