Increased Port Infrastructure, Airport and Trucking Charges

Increased Port Infrastructure, Airport and Trucking Charges

Port Infrastructure Charges

Port terminal operators in all states have announced a significant increase to Port Infrastructure Levies for all containers moved to/from ports. It was expected that these costs, when first implemented in January 2018 and increased again in January 2019 would be used by the terminals to generate extra income.

The National Transport Body is questioning the increase with terminal operators and has raised the severe cost increases with both State and Federal Governments. It is hoped that some action will be taken by Government with upcoming elections, however in the meantime, the terminals are pushing ahead with the increases and unless the rate is paid on collection, then containers will not be released by the terminal.

The increased costs vary from state to state but overall average around $20.00 to $30.00 per container. New rates effective from 1st March will be updated to the GPSM website.

Australian Airport Arrival Charges

Airline Cargo Terminal Operators have completed their annual review of arrival charges and announced increases effective from 1st March 2019.

The Airline Airwaybill Fee will increase to $55.00 per airwaybill and Airline Handling Fees will increase to $0.53 per kg with a minimum charge of $53.00. As a result of the above increases, the International Terminal Fee will also increase minimally by $0.01/kg effective from 1st March 2019.

Mandatory Airfreight Cargo Screening

New regulations effective from 1st March 2019 will require all export airfreight cargo to be screened prior to aircraft loading. Screening has been in place to the USA for some time but this requirement will now be extended for all cargo to all global destinations. The warehouses GPSM use at all Australian airports installed the necessary screening equipment in early 2018 and are fully geared up and already operating.

There will be two (2) levels of screening, primary and if required by authorities, secondary screening. A charge will be made by the warehouse for this mandatory service and rates have been uploaded to the GPSM website.

Airfreight and LCL Trucking Charges

Due to the extended delays being encountered over the past few months at both airline and LCL sea freight terminals, we have been forced to increase the minimum trucking rates for these services in an attempt to recover our costs. It is not uncommon for our vehicles to be held at terminals for up to 4 hours on a daily basis waiting to be loaded.

The new minimum trucking rates have been increased on average by $10.00 only maximum and same have been updated to the GPSM website, applicable from 1st March 2019.