Industry Update


Another COVID outbreak in China

Logistics managers are feeling far from “dynamic” about the latest COVID spread being reported in the Chinese cities of Gansu, Shanghai, Guangxi, Guangdong and Henan. The highly infectious BA.5 variant has been detected in seven cities and many areas are implementing the requirement of having two nucleic acid testing within three days under China’s “dynamic zero-COVID” policy, which aims to eliminate outbreaks as soon as they appear.


Airline Handling Charges:

Airline Cargo Terminal Operators (CTO’s) have announced an increase to Airline Arrival charges, adding $ 1.00 to the Airline Airwaybill Fee and $ 0.01/kg to the airline handling charges for both import and export shipments.

The new rates take effect from 25th July 2022 and GPSM rate portal has been updated accordingly.


Container Weight Declarations:

We again remind consignees and shippers that it is imperative that correct container weights be declared at time of shipment.

As previously advised by GPSM, the “Pondus Container Weighing System” has been in operation for some 12 months around Australia and we understand there have been a large number of mis-declared container weights during that period.

Any container found to be more than 1,000kgs over or under the declared weight will be fined by the Port Terminal.