Jet Airways Flight Cancellations from India

Jet Airways Flight Cancellations from India

Jet Airways from India:

India’s second largest airline have cancelled all international flights until further notice. Many passengers and cargo shipments have been stranded at several airports.

Jet have been partnering and code sharing with Qantas to/from Australia. Several of Jet’s aircraft had already been grounded due to non-payment of lessor’s rentals.

As you may be aware, due to the Indo-Pakistan issue, the carriers are not permitted to fly over Pakistan and the space situation is very critical with all carriers. With the Jet Airways position, the space situation is expected to become more critical. Rates are already high in the market & expected to be increased by Airlines soon.

Empty Container Booking Fees:

The situation with return of empty containers has reached a critical position, many of the empty container parks are operating on restricted hours and are overstocked, they also do not work on weekends. Shipping lines are issuing last-minute redirection notices in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane for delivery back to their port terminal instead of to an empty park.

This is causing major disruptions to trucking operations leading to more expenses and additional time-slots booking fees. More and more empty containers are now being moved to our yards in all cities in an attempt to overcome the issue, this naturally results in double-movements and added costs. The empty container parks are also increasing their booking fees, some have implemented cost increases from 1st April, others are implementing new costs from 1st May 2019.

GPSM regret we have no alternative but to pass on the added costs involved, but rather than trying to isolate the costs for each movement, redirection etc, resulting in additional invoices after the fact, we will be increasing the empty booking fee to $ 40.00 per container from 1st May 2019.

We believe through prudent management of our fleet “on the run day by day” that we can be more transparent to all clients under this scheme. We regret the need to increase costs at any time, but feel the above action will be a far better solution for all parties involved.