Los Angeles Port Congestion Update

Los Angeles Port Congestion Update

The Port of Los Angeles has been experiencing unprecedented congestion as the Transpacific trade-lane has exploded to record high volumes.

In order to ease some of the congestion, the Port of Los Angeles is expanding their hours of operations during which trucks can pick up and return containers.

Additionally, the port is looking to implement 24/7 operations which will help move the congestion that is stalling vessel berthing.

Total Terminals International container terminal on Pier T in the Port of Long Beach is making it easier for trucks to access the facility during the overnight hours in a new pilot program to widen access and speed deliveries amid the ongoing cargo surge.

The pilot program at the Port’s largest terminal focuses on the effort to reduce “dwell” – the amount of time cargo spends waiting for pickup on the dock. The terminal is taking two significant steps to increase cargo pickup in the late night, early morning hours, when there is less traffic on the region’s freeways and surface streets.