Sulfuryl Fluoride Interim Measures

Sulfuryl Fluoride Interim Measures

More delays ahead for Importers from Europe

Containers treated for BMSB by 3 Italian providers have been found to contain the Stink Bug, therefore, leading to their suspension. It was estimated these three we’re completing approx. 70% of treatments prior to their suspension.

Following these findings interim measure relating to consignments that have been treated with Sulfuryl Fluoride (SF)  from EUROPE now require the following  Biosecurityinspection:

  • Seals Intact
  • Supervised unpack
  • Tailgate Inspection

This will be for ALL Shipments from Europe as Sulfuryl Fluoride is the only chemical used in Europe for the fumigation of containers

“If delays from the BMSB was not enough to date, Importers can now expect further delays to their shipments under these new measures “

Industry (Customs Broker/Importer/Depots etc.) will be responsible for arranging a third-party Sulfuryl Fluoride detection and monitoring operator to be present at the Biosecurity inspection.

The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources ( DAWR )  has advised it will not be liable for any costs associated with these new measures and all costs associated will be borne by the Importer.

We  will be arranging all treatments on behalf of our clients and will  continue to  ensure we deliver the goods in the fastest and most cost-effective manner possible