Trucking Charges


LCL and Airfreight Trucking Charges:

GPSM has had fixed LCL and airfreight trucking charges in Australia for some 8 years without any cost increases being passed to clients.

We were looking to introduce a general rate increase earlier this year but in light of the escalating COVID situation we again postponed any increases.

Unfortunately the situation in LCL and airfreight cargo depots has not improved this year with extensive delays on a daily basis with waiting on average 4-5 hours for trucks to be loaded, despite being at the depots from around 5am, sometimes earlier.

We regret the need to increase any costs but it is now to a point where we are unable to cover the escalating costs, naturally we do wish to continue providing a premium service in all states, and in order to do so, effective from 1st October, 2021 we shall be forced to implement increased trucking charges. Many of our interstate sub-contractors increased the rates earlier this year and we cannot continue to absorb those increases.

The average increase is around 7.5% and revised rates will be added to the GPSM charges module, rates in Fremantle will reflect a larger increase due to the on-going and disruptive industrial action at Fremantle port/depots and the complexities of LCL deliveries in WA.


FCL Trucking rates:

FCL trucking charges in some states were increased by most trucking companies between 1st February and 1st April, 2021 by way of base rate or fuel levy as a result of the increased cost of diesel fuel, now up by some 13% since mid-2020.

The issues we have faced with empty container depots, port congestion, terminal COVID outbreaks and often needing to transfer containers to our yard in late night “stack-runs” to avoid the daytime port delays, have all led to increased operating costs.

Again, GPSM have not passed on any increases in the past 4-5 years, rather we have tried to negotiate better rates or absorb most of those cost increases over this time, and while some of our interstate trucking partners have assisted us slightly, we cannot continue absorbing losses and still provide clients with a premium trucking service.

From 1st October, 2021 we will be left with no alternative but to implement a general rate increase of approximately 7.5% for Metro Area rates, the new rates will be updated to the GPSM charges module.