Asbestos Penalties now apply

Danger Asbestos

It is the responsibility of all importers to ensure the goods you import do not contain any Asbestos, Australia policy is Zero Tolerance. We urge you to read the attached fact sheet carefully. It does contain information on your due diligence, and what measures the Australian Border Force (ABF) is taking with respect to testing of goods at time of arrival.

Measures the importer can take to ensure your goods are manufactured without any asbestos are also outlined in this fact sheet, such as

  • Contractual obligations with your supplier specifying NIL Asbestos content
  • Testing for asbestos content prior to shipping goods to Australia by accredited authorities (further details found in fact sheet)
  • Regular risk assessment to determine what raw materials are used, or where they are sourced from, and identifying and therefore minimising any asbestos risk activities at point of manufacture

For all future customs entries we prepare we will not be able to lodge them without a declaration from your supplier stating that the shipment does not contain any asbestos. Without this we are unable to lodge your entry as goods will be deemed to contain asbestos, and the shipment will be held and sent for testing. All costs incurred in the re direction of container to an approved customs depot, testing, storage, and demurrage for late return of container will be the responsibility of the importer.
We need you to confirm that you have read the attached fact sheet as the ABF taking the matter of managing the risk of goods possibly containing Asbestos extremely seriously, and we require you to also take time to read this and be fully informed on what your obligations are as the importer, the penalties attract fines of up to $900,000 and prosecution under both the Customs Act & Crimes Act.

Please also be aware we are having shipments held now and sent for testing.

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