Transhipment Port Delays in Singapore

Transhipment Port Delays in Singapore

Please be aware that there are possible delays expected at Singapore for transhipment cargo destined for Australia. We are giving you a “heads up” on the situation as of today, we have noted some traffic from China particularly to Fremantle and Adelaide are facing some delays in Singapore port on some shipping lines.

This situation has been created by peak season traffic volumes, and the collapse of Hanjin Line, where thousands of container slots and vessels have been lost to the trade. In the last week there has been a large volume of traffic from South East Asia, Far East Asia, Europe, UK and USA transiting Singapore port and the volumes involved have quickly created a backlog.

We would expect the delays to continue for the next 2-3 weeks and suggest that everyone takes this situation into account when planning new shipments.

GPSM will keep you updated on further developments as soon as further information is available.

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