BMSB List of Offshore Treatment Providers – 18th December 2018

Treatment providers registered under the scheme have demonstrated their capacity to conduct BMSB treatments for applicable consignments. These treatment providers are included on the approved list of offshore BMSB treatment providers.

This list is referenced in section 48A of the Biosecurity (Prohibited and Conditionally Non-prohibited Goods) Determination 2016, section 43 of the Biosecurity (Prohibited and Conditionally Non-prohibited Goods—Christmas Island) Determination 2016, section 44 of the Biosecurity (Prohibited and Conditionally Non-prohibited Goods—Cocos (Keeling) Islands) Determination 2016, and section 43 of the Biosecurity (Prohibited and Conditionally Non-prohibited Goods—Norfolk Island) Determination 2016.
These lists will be updated as required.

*NOTE: The column titled ‘treatment capabilities’ details the types of goods that each company is capable of treating. This information has been provided by the individual company involved and may be subject to change. Where there is no treatment capability indicated, the treatment provider has not indicated their treatment capabilities to the department. This does not mean that the treatment provider is not capable of delivering treatments of this kind. You should confirm the treatment capability with the company concerned. The three categories included in the ‘treatment capabilities’ column correspond to the following descriptions:

Containers: the company can treat containerised cargo at the whole container level

Break bulk: the company can treat goods to be shipped as break bulk, in open-top containers or on flat rack containers

Individual goods: the company can treat individual goods using stack or chamber treatment methods.


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