Rate Updates

Rate update - 1st December 2018
Airline Fuel Surcharge from Hong Kong:

All airlines operating from Hong Kong to all destinations, including Australia,  have announced another fuel surcharge increase effective from 1st December 2018.

The Fuel Surcharge will be increased from the current level of HKD 2.90/kg to HKD 3.40/kg on all shipments. Rates have been adjusted accordingly and are visible in our Communicator portal.

Ocean Freight Low Sulphur Fuel Surcharge:

Shipping Lines are progressively adopting global Low Sulphur Fuel limits of 0.5% under new regulations that have been implemented.

An additional surcharge will be billed by all shipping lines and is between USD 15.00/20ft or USD 30.00/40ft container up to USD 70.00/20ft and USD 140.00/40ft container depending on origin and destination regions.

A number of lines are implementing the additional surcharge from 1st December 2018, others are implementing it from 1st January 2019. Some lines are including the additional surcharge into the already established Emergency Fuel Surcharge, some are including the surcharge into the freight costs, while others are showing the surcharge as a separate item.

In order to simplify billing and to show transparency, GPSM will be listing the new Low Sulphur Surcharge as a separate line on all invoices depending on the trade lane involved.